What’s Wrong With Ghostwriting?: A Science Ethics Viewpoint (560 words)

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Write an essay on the ethics of ghostwriting seen through the lens of Science Ethics.

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The paper relates to science ethics in two important ways. First, it relates to how drugs are legitimized by ghostwritten papers that often suppress, or dismiss negative findings related to the clinical trials of a new drug on the market. Secondly, the issue points to a deeper problem: “the manipulation of medical research for medical purposes” (Elliott and Landa 284). The main argument is that if medicines are to be safe, then there must be more regulation of medical trade journals. Ghostwriting harms the legitimacy of medicine because reputable scientists sign their name to articles that may or may not reflect the truth. Ghostwriting suppresses the truth of how harmful a new drug may be. Ghostwriting privileges marketing schemes and not accurate scientific research. Finally, if the whole point of a peer-reviewed journal is to provide scholarly research it defeats the point if the research being conducted does not benefit science....
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