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Topic: Ghostwriting on Pharmaceutical companies

Writing about Analysis of the Applicable Norms on Ghostwriting on Pharmaceutical companies
- Clarify which norms of scientific conduct were allegedly violated? Refer to readings on the norms of science (Merton and Resnik) and illuminate as many as you feel are implicated in this case. Provide a short but detailed description outlining how each identified norm was
violated in this case and why such a violation could be problematic.

-    Role Playing on Ghostwriting on Pharmaceutical companies
Imagine yourself first in the role of the accuser, then in the role of the accused, provide a short argumentative description of how each might explain or justify his/her actions and position on the matter.

-    Personal Position Statement on Ghostwriting on Pharmaceutical companies Prepare a short argument on the side of the debate you feel is most ethically defensible. The goal is to take a position and convince the reader why that position is the correct one. It should make explicit reference to the readings in arguing their position.

Works Cited

Elliott, Carl, and Amy Snow Landa. "Commentary: What's wrong with ghostwriting?." Bioethics
24.6 (2010): 284-286.

Merton, Robert K. "The normative structure of science." The sociology of science: Theoretical
and empirical investigations (1973): 267-278.

Resnik, David B. "The price of truth: how money affects the norms of science." (2007).

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Analysis of the Applicable Norms On Ghostwriting and Pharmaceutical Companies
In the case of writers ghostwriting medical research to benefit the pharmaceutical industry, norms of scientific conduct were violated. “Big Pharm” is one player in this story. They are the pharmaceutical companies with a lot of money, clout, and motivation to steer scientific findings to their advantage. The other player in this story is the scientific community which is supposed to be the source of objective findings. However, when “Big Pharm” manipulates science in the name of its own interests, we can see how basic normative rules for how we conducts scientific inquiry is violated. First, key scientific norms will be outlined in this paper. Second, positions from both sides of the argument will be presented. Finally, the position of this writer will be presented....

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