Reflection papers require concise, focused, and superbly organized writing. Your assignment is to write a paper of no more than one page (and, preferably, no more than one paragraph—see below) that analyzes one specific idea from one of the PRIMARY TEXT EXCERPTS from Chapters 9-10. You choose the text and the idea to write about; the point of the assignment is for you to reflect deeply on a topic that matters to you. If you need help selecting a topic, you should consult with your professor. In general, a good strategy is to write about whatever you consider to be the most important (or interesting, relevant, controversial, wrong- headed, or strange) point raised in the reading.

What exactly do you need to do? First, review the reading handout and make sure that you have read the primary text excerpt carefully enough to be able to make a considered judgment about which topic you will write on. Your reflection paper has to focus on a single topic, so make sure that you have identified just one point to write about. Second, read and reread the bits of text that are relevant to that topic. Take some good reading notes and see if you can summarize the point concisely and clearly. Third, reflect on what you have uncovered, with an eye to forming your own opinion about the text and about the topic. Questions you might want to consider include: What is the philosopher's point? Why does he or she care about this? How does this point connect with other ideas we’ve studied in class? Why do you find the topic interesting or important? Is the topic at all relevant to your life?

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The mutability of culture-determined gender notions (masculinity and femininity), as opposed to the immutability of physiological sex (male and female), underwrites some types of feminism. For Simone de Beauvoir, the appellation, “woman”, refers...
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