Explanation and Evaluation of Key Ideas of Hume, de Nante, Hegel, Schopenhauer, etc. (1230 words)

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Answer the following questions:
1-Explain and evaluate Olivia Sabuco de Nantes’s view on the connection between mind and body.
2-Explain and evaluate David Hume’s arguments against induction (including the notion of the role the principle of the uniformity of nature plays in the argument) and also arguments against cause and effect.
3-Explain and evaluate Hegels arguments against the noumenal.
4-Explain and evaluate Schopenhauer’s pessimism.
5-Which, if any of the philosophers in these chapters has a reasonable view of epistemology or metaphysics and why?

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It is important to note at the outset that, like Descartes, Sabuco subscribed to a version of mind-body dualism; that is, she posited that the mind and body are two distinct, different types of stuff/substances. And, again like Descartes, she held that the mind “(or “soul,” as she called it)” (Moore & Bruder, 2011, p.104) is non-physical. The point at which Descartes diverged from Sabuco is that he posited a specific location at which the mind and body interact and thus whereby the body is controlled. Sabuco, in contrast, held that, due to the non-physical nature of the mind/soul, it cannot be the case that there is one specific place where ‘the mind is’; rather, it must be that the “connection between body and soul occurs throughout the brain” (p.104). The analogy she drew was with how...
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