Expertise, Reason and Authority
This is a 4-6 page paper.
The paper should critically explore a theme of your choice from Fricker’s book Epistemic Injustice. That is, you need to select an idea from her book that you wish to subject to extended scrutiny. It could be an idea with which you disagree, and the aim of the paper is to explain why this is the case and to defend this claim. It could be an idea with which you agree, and the aim of the paper is to explain why this is the case, and to defend this claim from possible counter-arguments. It could be a claim that you are unsure about, and the aim of the paper is to explain in full why this is the case.
At minimum, your paper must thus include: a) a thesis, b) some exposition from the target text that places the thesis in context, c) an argument that supports the thesis, and d) consideration of possible counterarguments to your claim.

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The Hermeneutical Problem of Ignorance
The overarching aim of Miranda Fricker’s Epistemic Injustice: Power and the Ethics of Knowing is the exposition and analysis of how some distinctively epistemic actions are also ethical actions in the way they regard and treat someone. This is significant work because, arguably, epistemic actions, such as the formation of beliefs and the having of knowledge, are not usually considered to have ethical components, likely because they seem to be rather impersonal – they don’t usually involve personal aspects of the believer beyond his or her capacities to form beliefs, etc. But, space is made for epistemic ethics when the notion (and reality) of the believed as a person, rather...
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