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Explain the argument against God's existence from the problem of evil. Propose one of the fallacious or acceptable solutions to the problem and why you think this solution is compelling. Then explain Mackie's reply to the solution. In the end, you should evaluate whether Mackie is ultimately right that the problem of evil presents a serious objection to the theist or whether you think the theist has an adequate reply to this problem. Provide reasons for your position.

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As discussed, “the problem of evil” is an argument that begins with the premise that there is evil in the world. Evil exists because people suffer and experience pain. The premises of the argument assume that there are three characteristics that the theist (a person who believes in God’s existence) believes that God has: God is all powerful (God can do anything); God is all-good and God is all-knowing. However, if God is all-good, all-powerful, and all-knowing then why does God allow evil to exist in the world? If God is all-good then God must care, but bad things happen in the world. So either God does not care or he is not all-good. Or, he does not know about the evil that exists in the world....

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