Notes on Pascal's Wager and Other Arguments for the Existence of God (1200 words)

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-What do you think of the argument in Pascal's Wager? Is it convincing? Should it prompt someone to believe in the existence of God?
-J.L. Mackie presents a very powerful argument against the existence of the God of most monotheistic religions (one that is all-good and all-powerful). He says that these qualities are incompatible with the existence of evil.
What responses do you think a theist could make to this claim? If the response response provided here one of the "acceptable" or "fallacious" solutions offered by Mackie, then someone else should reply with an account of Mackie's critique of that response. Hopefully, this will get a dialogue going about the problem of evil.
-What do you think are the most convincing arguments for the existence of God? Try to be clear about stating the premises and conclusion.
If you don't find one of the arguments convincing, try to show where the reasoning has gone wrong or which of the premises is false.
-Many people say that having morals and attending church is not sufficient to get you into heaven. You can fool humans by acting like a Christian but you can not deceive God because he is all knowing.
I believe it is your personal relationship with God and allowing him in your life that will open the golden gates.
I give you the following passage: Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." (John 14:6)
1. “I am the way “ To believe in him is the only why to get to heaven. No matter what else you do it will fall short of what is required.
2. “the truth” He did not lie or sin while on earth
3. “and the life” our physical form dies but we will have eternal life
What is your take on this matter?

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1. On Pascal’s Wager

Pascal’s Wager is not an argument. It is a bet. It is like saying "You better bet that God exists. If God does not exist you lose anything. But if God does exist and you chose to not believe in God, then you lose everything. Therefore, it is better to believe in God." It is like saying: be safe. No, I do not think it will help people choose to believe in God. It assumes that God cares about what people believe (and that God punishes those who do not believe in God's existence)....
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