Write an essay on belief in God and a person's moral duty using Kant's deontology and Plato's concept of divine command theory.

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One argument for God’s existence comes from Saint Anselm. Anselm argues that God is that which nothing greater can be imagined. Anselm writes, “There exists, therefore, beyond doubt something than which a greater cannot be imagined, both in the understanding and in reality.” One problem with this is that if God exists outside out of the human understanding, then how can morality depend on God’s existence? Anselm wants us to think of God as something that is so great that it is even greater than the human ability to know and understand.
God’s existence lies out of the human ability to know. To think about this further let us imagine that if a person says that they believe in telling the truth because God has commanded it, then this person is only living according to a very base-level form of morality. It is our understanding that forms the basis of how we act morally. For example, I do not tell a lie because if I follow my reasoning, as Kant suggests, if everybody lied then there would not be a basis for telling the truth. Kant showed that morality is tied to human understanding – and by implication God lies outside of this understanding...

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