Write a philosophy reflection essay on the following two questions. Each essay should be around 200 words in length
Question #1:
Does morality depend on the existence of God? Consider at least one argument for the existence of God that supports the idea that morality is based on God’s nature and existence. Then provide a counterargument to this claim, using both questions about whether we can know that God exists and whether God is an adequate or even possible foundation for morality. Make sure to consider the impact of the Euthyphro Dilemma in response to this question.

Question #2:
Are we truly free? I want you to consider the possibility that in the future we will have the capacity to look at people’s brains with a great degree of detail and we will be able to discern their desires, motivations, and tendencies. Now I want you to consider entering this sort of evidence into a court of law. Should rewards and punishments be influenced by our knowledge of what is going on in someone’s brain? Why or why not?

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Question #1: Does morality depend on the existence of God?

I think morality does depend on the existence of God. However, I think theists who depend on the idea of Divine Command Theory get it wrong. Here’s why. God exists. But no logical argument can prove that God exists. God’s existence lies out of the human ability to know. However, morality depends on this divide between God and man (and woman). If a person says that they believe in telling the truth because God has commanded it, then this person is only living according to a very base-level form of morality....

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