Write a two page philosophy assignment. Explain how the senses feed information to the mind, and how the mind experiences what it senses? Is the information reliable? Is there anything special about the senses, or the experiences they create for us? Is it adequate to help us get around the real world effectively, or do we need something extra to improve them? If so, what would this be?

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The five senses send information to the mind through sense receptors. The information of sounds, tastes, sights, and smells are sent to the mind through the ears, taste buds, eyes, and olfactory receptors. The information of the touch sense is sent to the mind not only through the hands but the whole body. The entire body can sense heat, coldness, and pressure. The information that the senses gather is converted into electrochemical energy and sent to different parts of the brain. For example, sound information is sent to the temporal lobe and visual information is sent to the occipital lobe. The brain translates the information into sounds, tastes, sights, smells, and touches. The mind experiences these translations and creates empirical knowledge (Christian, 2011)....

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