The following discussion questions require that you have watched the presentation: Child Abuse: A Story of Survival and have begun the required readings. Our goal is to apply what we have learned about child abuse in the readings to this story.

This discussion will simulate a face to face discussion in a classroom. We will go through the questions as a group beginning with the first question. As we answer each of the questions, we will move to the next one together. Read what others have said and add to the discussion in a substantive manner. The questions that will guide our analysis of this case study are as follows:

Why is this young woman a survivor? Think about the theory of resilience. Are there protective factors in her background that made her resilient?
Were there risk factors in the child or mother’s background that lead to child abuse?
Is there anything about this child or her mother that fits with any of the other explanatory theories of abuse?
What were the long and short term consequences of child abuse for this individual? Are they consistent with the literature?
Who knew the abuse was happening and why didn’t they intervene?
What type of interventions might have helped?

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The young woman who was abused is a survivor because her inner strength was enough to see her through the darkest days of her life. Resilience theory is based on the foundation that anyone can overcome obstacles and succeed, no matter what their circumstances may be. In her case, the fact there were people in her life such as her best friend’s mother and her coach, to help her focus on positive aspects of her life and goals, this allowed her to deal with the negative things happening at home. I believe the risk factors that lead to the abuse of the woman were the fact the father left them to be raised by a single parent and that parent apparently had some emotional disturbance already....
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