Detailed Discussions of Key Concepts in Twilight Of The Idols, Kierkegaard (1770 words)

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Write detailed discussions of:

1. Kierkegaard: "...the dizziness of freedom..."; "qualified as spirit"
2. Kierkegaard: qualitative leap
3. Kierkegaard: two forms of despair
4. Twilight of the Idols: The Problem of Socrates; "One must by all means..."
5. Roderick: paleoconservatives

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1. Kierkegaard introduces…
In order to draw an instructive connection between “…the dizziness of freedom…” and the being “qualified as spirit” from which the dizziness of freedom arises, it is important to attempt to get a handle on—at least—the dialectical nature of anxiety for Kierkegaard. ‘Dizziness’ here is intended in terms of vertigo, specifically the vertiginous fear which comes from (choosing to) look down into an “abyss” of the worst kind – one into which we feel inexorably compelled by desire, but in our desire for “being able” and the infinity of possibility such being-able entails, we recognize also the possibilities which are open to us despite prohibition, such as from God. Perhaps the key common ground between vertigo or dizziness and the anxiety of interest for Kierkegaard is the way in which vertigo and anxiety are both the result of choice and are about potential choice, while yet the experience of vertigo and anxiety themselves are beyond our control – we are gripped by them.
This essentially dialectical nature of anxiety, of an in-tension combination...

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