Reflect on Nietzsche's implicit critique of Descartes ("I think therefore I am). What are the objections to this? Is he right? why or why not? What changes if we look at the world in his way?
Consider Nietzsche's provocative suggestion in the preface-- "suppose truth were a woman"-- what does he mean by this metaphor and what is he really suggesting? How does one "win" or "get" a woman vs "win" or "get" the truth? What would change about how we approach truth if we did things his way? What are the pros and cons here?

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Rene Descartes famously wrote Cogito ergo sum, generally translated as “I think therefore I am.” Thus, he built a philosophy based on the certainty that his own thoughts produced one thing we could be sure of: his own existence. Many people today still agree with him. Nevertheless, Nietzsche criticized Descartes for making assumptions based on this starting point. He criticized Descartes for the primacy of the subject, “I,” and then the action that it is doing: “thinking.”
the philosopher must say to himself: "When I analyze the process that is expressed in the sentence, 'I think,' I...

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