What is understanding of Aristotle about friendship?
How can his theory of friendship be made into a commemorative speech?
What is praiseworthy about Aristotle's philosophy?

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Specific Purpose: To celebrate three qualities of friendship.

Central Idea: Friendship is a virtue that takes a lifetime to develop, but is indispensable for living a happy life.


I. Most of us think of friendship as something we just acquire naturally, like breathing, or going to sleep. We take our friends for granted, or just assume that they’re the people that just happen to be in our life. Friendship is more than that: it’s a choice and requires skill, like learning how to be more generous, or learning how to be a better person.
A. First, friendship is a virtue, which is a habit that one must acquire.
B. Second, without the virtue of friendship, happiness in life is not as attainable.

II. I’m here to offer an encomium on friendship. According to Aristotle, the ancient Athenian Philosopher, friendship means to love another person like you love your own soul.

III. In researching this speech, I discovered that friendship has a philosophical richness, and philosophers from Aristotle in Ancient Greece, to current day thinkers, have considered friendship an important virtue.

IV. Today, I will celebrate three of qualities of friendship.

(Transition: Let’s first look at why friendship is a virtue.)...

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