Write a 4 page reflection paper on the following topic:
Religion and Ecology: the moral dimensions of ecological problems (Brennan, 87)

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A Christian-Secular Argument for Nature’s Value
In public and political discourse, a standard refrain in favor of unfettered exploitation of nature is that “people come first!” The rhetorical appeal of this populist-humanist axiom has great traction because it has intuitive appeal. After all, it is notoriously difficult to counter the assertion that the interests of people override environmental concerns. This essay attempts such a counterargument, in a—hopefully—compellingly novel way. First, a Christian argument for nature’s value, by Kevin J. O’Brien, is presented, followed by a secular argument by Holmes Rolston. These thinkers’ arguments are presented as driven by similar lines of thought, toward supporting this thesis: It is argued here that there is considerable common ground between Christian and secular positions on the incomparable value of nature, where sacramentality and human (secular) sinfulness in terms of overconsumption and resource mismanagement are two sides of the coin of nature’s value.
O’Brien’s argument for nature’s value
O’Brien’s argument for biodiversity’s sacramental value is as follows. The argument’s key premise is what O’Brien means by “sacramentality” (O’Brien 59). O’Brien uses the Catholic sacrament of communion, specifically the idea that “the bread and wine of communion…bear the presence of God in a meaningful way” (59). Citing another example, O’Brien argues that the bearing of...

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