By critically evaluating The Prince, do you agree with the political philosophy of Machiavelli?
Is his version of the social contract right or not right?
What do you agree / disagree with Machiavelli on?

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A Critical Evaluation of Fear and Protection in Machiavelli’s The Prince

In this critical essay I will write about the The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli, focusing on Chapter XVII, “Of Cruelty and Mercy, and Whether It Is Better to be Loved Than Feared, or the Contrary.” Machiavelli is know for his political philosophy, and the Prince, ostensibly a manual for young rulers of state, is a trenchant look at governance, its uses and abuses, and the ideology that surrounds state power. While on the surface the book is a manual, it offers a version of the social contract that says a society exists because the people live in fear and need the state to protect them. If fear is the driving force that keeps society together, then I want to critically evaluate the place fear has in Machiavelli’s argument, both to show if it is still relevant today, and if Machiavelli is right....

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