The existence of God- St Thomas Aquinas

Paper written on the fifth way that God exists according to "the existence of God" by St Thomas Aquinas.
It needs to use examples from the teleological argument.

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In this paper, Thomas Aquinas’s teleological proof for the existence of God will be examined. In philosophy of religion, arguments throughout the history of philosophy have been posited to defend God’s existence. There have been several attempts to reasonably argue that God exists. For example, ontological arguments rely on a priori, or reasoning not based on empirical observation, to argue that God exists. While others, a posterori, arguments, use, in fact, empirical evidence to substantiate claims about the existence of a higher power. Thomas Aquinas thought the latter was a better argument than the former, and in his Summa Theologiae, offered five so-called proofs for God’s existence. This paper is a closer examination of Aquinas’s fifth argument, sometimes called the teleological argument, first by articulating the steps of the argument, then offering some objections, a response, and a summary conclusion of his claims.
Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274). Thomas Aquinas’s Story

Thomas Aquinas was a Dominican priest in what is today collectively known as Italy. He is considered one of the “heavyweights” of Medieval Christian thinking, and is most known for his masterpiece entitled Summa Theologiae....

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