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How does Plato's metaphysical and epistemological theory lead him to his conclusions about what a human person is?
What are the ethical and/or political implications that result from this theory?

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Plato’s Theory of the Human Person
Plato’s metaphysical and epistemological ideas connect with his philosophical anthropology. Plato paints a picture of the human by formalizing a theory of reality cut into two. For Plato, human beings are caught in a world where truth is doubtful, sensory experiences delude us and opinion masquerades as truth. Plato devises a theory that depicts the human as a body with a soul, strung between desires rooted in this world, and a longing for the struggle that will lead him to truth in another, transcendent world. Plato envisions a society that can help people come to know greater truths, and he worries that a society ruled only by opinion will keep humankind forever trapped in a cave of our making. Plato creates a vision of an ideal society to help map out an ethical world where truth can be known, and justice can be realized....

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