Write an essay about you.
How are you different after your adventure with philosophy and how is the world different as well?
See if philosophy can help to bring some clarity to the issues you have been struggling with in your life.
Ask the deeper questions. Penetrate into the essence of the matter and dialogue with others who have walked the path before you.
The Delphic Oracle implores us to "Know Thyself," use this paper to begin that life's work.
As you do this self-examination engage Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, etc. and ask what would they say? How would they act? What would their advice be?
At this point you may not know what to write about. The key is to start writing. It is through writing that we are forced to think. See where it leads. The question(s) will come. Once you have one do some research. See who's been there before you.

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In honor of Socrates and his preferred method of examination, I often find myself following a question with an additional question. As such, I am grateful to have experienced the philosophy adventure this course has given me. Whereas some of my family and friends often roll their eyes at my use of the Socratic Method, this course has caused me to look deeper into issues that arise in my daily encounters.
At the onset of my journey through philosophy, I feared I questioned too much. I watched my friends get married and have children, and I wondered if I was too skeptical on those around me. I possessed a grand image in my mind of what my life would entail: an exciting career, exotic adventures in foreign lands, and journeys that I could not help but smile about. However, as often as my mother would demand I “settle down” and “start a family,” the more I craved the unknown. At first I believed my feelings to be selfish. I pondered to myself often, “How could it be that my most loved ones wish for something, if it were not the right path?”
However, as I engaged in this course and absorbed the words of Socrates, I began to feel less and less guilty about living my life in the manner in which I desired so deeply....

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