Compare and contrast the views of Descartes and Hume on the problems of history. explain how their views of it reflect their philosophical views in general.

Write a comprehensive essay on Hume's account of belief, explaining what it is for him, as well as its relation to his conception of probability.

Explain Hume's distinction between mere relations between ideas and actual matters of fact, as well as the use he makes of it in his skeptical empiricism.

Formulate Hume's cases for both natural and moral necessity, as well as his argument for claiming that both of them are compatible with our liberty

Compare the accounts given by both Descartes and Hume of the will and its freedom or lack thereof. Try to spell where they differ.

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Compare and contrast the views of Descartes and Hume on the problems of history. Explain how their views of it reflect their philosophical views in general.

Descartes and Hume view the problems of history differently. Although both Descartes and Hume believe in the existence of God, Descartes argues that mathematical principles explain events that have already transpired as well as those which will eventually occur. This view differs from those who utilized the concepts of religion to explain the world. In Hume’s view on the problems of history, he argues the most important standard for assessing history is the quest for liberty. Additionally Hume believes revolution to be unnecessary and supports a society where the Monarchy rules.
Taking a more modern philosophical stance, Descartes believes that individuals should readily utilize the concepts of science and mathematics. Moreover, Descartes asserts using science and mathematics allows an individual to explain events which have already occurred. On the contrary, Hume argues one cannot claim an event is more probable to occur based on the past predicting the future. Hume bases his argument that individuals cannot predict future events on history because those individuals lack the requisite reason required to do so. Thus, while both philosophers believe in the existence of God, Descartes and Hume fundamentally disagree on the ability to use history to predict the future....

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