The assignment entails watching this film titled (Examined Life) which is about contemporary philosophers.
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Aristotle defends the lie of theoria or contemplation as the highest form of happiness and living well. And Plato has Socrates explain that philosophers live the happiest life and are even willing to forsake the pleasure of family and worldly luxuries to live a life of contemplation (Republic Book IV, page 1).
Additionally both Plato and Aristotle will make a case for how contemplation should inform law making.

Essay Prompt:
Pick one of the philosopher’s from the film and the issue they bring up (interdependence, cosmopolitanism, revolution, justice, meaning, ecology, international aid, and truth). Summarize the point made by the philosopher about this issue in the film. How is this an issue with both personal/ethical and larger socio-political importance and implications? How can you use either Plato’s or Aristotle’s philosophy to better understand this issue and what should personally and politically be done about it?

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In his book Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle defines the life of contemplation as the highest form of happiness and living well (Book I, Chapter 5). Aristotle defends the lie of theoria or contemplation as the highest form of happiness and living well (Nicomachean Ethics Book I Chapter 5). In Republic, Plato has Socrates talk about the happiest life are those who forsake family, luxury, and all that material wealth, to live life like a philosopher (Book IV). It is interesting that both Aristotle and Plato believed that philosophy was not only something to on the side in one’s leisure time, but philosophy itself is the standard for a good life, not only of the individual but something good for society as a whole. In Astra Taylor’s documentary, Examined Life (2008), she allows contemporary philosophers to discuss their own particular viewpoints on truth, meaning, justice, and so on. However, they only get ten minutes to talk.
Avital Ronell speaks about meaning in the first segment; Taylor follows her around in what appears to be Tompkins Square Park in...

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