Addresses the following questions on Kantian Ethical Theory:

1. Which of the following ethical theories best captures the way you make ethical decisions? Are you a Kantian?

2. Fully discuss what the Kantian position holds, and what the major objections to it are.

3. Think of a moral decision you've made in the last year or so. Using Kantian theory, explain in as much detail as possible how you made your decision, and how Kantian theory is exemplified or applied in that decision.

Pojman, Louis P. Moral Philosophy: A Reader. Indianapolis: Hackett Pub. Co, 2009. Print.

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Kantian ethics, sometimes called “duty ethics,” or “deontology,” is an ethical way of thinking that focuses on the end-goal of any moral act . Kant argues that inherent to our human way of acting morally are objective moral facts. Kant argues that two things fascinate the human mind: “... the starry heavens above and the moral law within” (qtd. in Pojman 38). Kant’s point is that objectively speaking moral facts exists. We can discover them in the same way that scientists have discovered the law of gravity. What distinguishes moral rightness and wrongness from each other can be traced to universal moral principles such as “Do no harm” or “Always tell the truth” that should be followed in every situation regardless of how I feel, or in which culture I live. Specifically, philosophers like Immanuel Kant, “evaluate actions according to features intrinsic to (inside of) themselves, such as whether they are inherently [the] wrong kind, like lying or cheating” (Pojman 216). In this paper, deontological thinking will be further discussed, as well as thought together with a practical example of finding a wallet with $1,000....

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