Logical Analysis of The Price of Inequality, by Joseph E. Stiglitz (1990 words)

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What is a logical analysis of the argumentative essay "The Price of Inequality”, by Joseph E. Stiglitz?
What are the premises, the conclusion, any logical fallacies, and the frame of reference of the argument?

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“The Price of Inequality”, by Joseph Stiglitz

1. Frame of Reference: Joseph E. Stiglitz, American Economist
Joseph E. Stiglitz is a living American economist whose expertise and prestige bears strongly on the arguments he makes in his latest book The Price of Inequality (2012) about how income inequality will not change by granting more income and resources to the rich. Research Stiglitz we can learn something about his frame of reference, the social, political, temporal influences that have shaped his worldview. Stiglitz grew up in Gary, Indiana in 1943, which he has said influenced his future work on income inequality: “the poverty, the discrimination, the episodic unemployment [of Gary] could not but strike an inquiring youngster: why did these exist, and what could we do about them” (Nobelprize.org). Born of politically minded parents and taught by teachers who encouraged him to think for himself, Stiglitz witnessed first hand the racial and social inequalities of the 1960s which fueled the Civil Rights Movement, which by the 1970s he was a strong advocate....

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