1.) Explanations are similar to arguments because they refer reasons why something is the case.
True or False

2.) The following sentence is an example of an interpretative explanation “teleological “ means directed toward a goal”
True or False

3.) All the other things being equal a more complex theory is preferable to a simpler one.
True or False

4.) Any theory that posits unknown entities should automatically be rejected.
True or False.

5.) Our established beliefs can never be shown to be false.
True or False

6.) A theory with a scope is one that explains or predicts phenomena.
True or False

7.) The function of Ad Hoc Hypotheses is to simplify a theory.
True of False

8.) The criterion of conservatism is a measure of (choose either 1. How well a theory fits with existing knowledge. 2. The amount of diverse phenomena explained 3. The number of novel predictions made)

9.) Science is synonymous with technology.
True or false

10.) Scientific inquiry begins with (choose one 1. A problem to solve or a question to answer 2. Observation or 3. Laboratory tests

11.) Science seeks to acquire knowledge and understanding of reality through the formulation, testing, evaluating of (choose one 1. Deductible reasoning 2. Theories, or 3. Technology

12.) To test a hypothesis, scientists must (choose one 1. Accurately predict the outcome of a test 2. Ignore test implications of the hypnothesis or 3. Derive a test implication from the hypothesis

13.) Scientific hypotheses are derived inductively
True or False

14.) In scientific research, no hypothesis can be (choose one 1. Tested outside laboratory 2. Discontinued or 3. Conclusively confirmed

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1. Explanations are similar to arguments because they refer reasons why something is the case. True or False
True - While an explanation is not the same thing as an argument both can refer to reasons why something is the case. An argument has something to prove while an explanation does not....

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