Argument Analysis:

List the premises and conclusion of the following argument, removing any rhetorical questions and emotive language. Identify any assumptions, and list them as separate premises.

"Why would anyone believe in a loving God? Just look at all the horrible tragedies that happen every day. Babies die in agony from disease and hunger. Madmen come to power and murder their own people. Tsunamis ravage the Earth and kill thousands of innocent victims. Earthquakes murder man and beast alike. Believing in the God of the Christians is moronic."

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Argument that God does not exist using examples of ontic and moral evils:

1. Tragedies happen everyday.
2. Babies die from disease.
3. Babies die from hunger.
4. Madmen come to power and murder innocent people.
5. Natural disasters kill innocent people.
6. Tsunamis kill innocent people.
7. Earthquakes murder people and animals.

Therefore the Christian belief in a loving God is unreasonable....

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