Write an essay, 4-6 pages long, including the following:

-What is good design?
-What is your role in design?
-Your life and design
-Your values towards design

Have at least 3 images you find interesting.

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Good design is one of those qualities of our experience and existence that is, ultimately, arguably, incredibly difficult—or foolhardy, depending on who you ask—to describe, yet there is no doubting it when you see it. You simply know. So, before I attempt the incredibly difficult, at least for my own little corner of the universe of wonder that is good design, it seems wise to resort to simply saying and showing – good design?! Behold good design!

One hallmark of the process of good design is, I think, the willingness to be open and to go looking for it and inspiration in places wide-ranging and far afield. These days, of course, the ‘far afield’ thing isn’t difficult because of the internet, and one of my favorite design stops online is Slate’s design blog, The Eye ; the image above was featured on the blog just a few days ago....

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