Answer both of the following questions:
What is the most important lesson this course has taught you about science or technology? Which specific ideas or arguments from the authors we have read have taught you this lesson? Exactly why do you consider this lesson an important one?

Use examples from one or more of our assigned readings to document the extent to which you have used your work in this course "to think critically about contemporary technology issues....and to learn to accept the social responsibilities of educated citizens in a global technological society" (p. xiv).

Please ensure that your answer are well-organized, make specific reference to relevant ideas from our course readings, and addresses each aspect of the assigned questions.

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The most important lesson this course has taught me about science or technology is the importance of having and exercising a measure of intellectual modesty when discussing such nebulous, ephemeral areas. Science, technology – nebulous, ephemeral?! Yes, when what’s under discussion are not the nuts and bolts of ‘hard’ science and technology—subatomic particles, valences, the speed of light, new OLED screens —but rather the value-laden aether that sustains and carries talk of dystopias...
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