Explanation and Evaluation of Key Ideas in Pre-Socratic and Ancient Greek Philosophy (1280 words)

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In two to three paragraphs each, answer the following prompts:

Explain ( the main ideas and views) and evaluate (by giving arguments) the view of Heraclitus regarding the nature of reality?

Explain and evaluate the views of Protagoras.

Explain, in your opinion, which, if any, of the early Greeks had a reasonable conception of the nature of reality.

Aristotle says "Everything which comes into being is brought about by something [else]" if that were the case, would existence not be a paradox as Gorgias points out? Explain.

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Heraclitus’ views on the nature of reality can be presented and seen in two lights, one in which his claims are taken flatly at face value, and the other in which a more charitable reading renders his ideas comprehensible and relatable. Heraclitus’ picture of reality can be categorized as follows: what is the fundamental, essential, at-bottom substance or stuff from which everything is formed? In what primary ways does this stuff and its derivations exist in reality? And, what is the overarching state characteristic of reality, the state in which reality always is? So, first the not-so charitable answers to these questions: the fundamental stuff of which everything is a form is fire – everything is fire; reality is composed of directly opposite pairs – everything is an opposite and has an opposite in existence; the overarching state characteristic of reality is flux, change – everything is always in change...
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