Write an essay according to the following:

For this assignment, the following readings and lessons are covered:

Wheeler, Martin Heidegger (SEP)

Heidegger, Being and Time, Intro, Ch 1

For this final assignment, you will read the above articles after which you will then write a “synopsis” of each section contained in the first chapter of the introduction to Heidegger’s Being and Time. The first chapter is broken into four (4) sections, as follows:
Section 1. The necessity of an explicit recovery of the question of being
Section 2. The formal structure of the question of being
Section 3. The ontological priority of the question of being
Section 4. The ontic priority of the question of being

For each section, I want you to write a brief summary and synopsis of the ideas developed within that section. Your synopsis for each section should be between ~100-150 words for a total of ~500-600 words for this assignment. Note: you do not need to write an explicit essay. Think of it more as an "abstract" of each section.

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This opening section is about Heidegger pushing back against the prevailing philosophical position regarding both the need and possibility of explicating “Being”- prevailing wisdom is that the concept is so universal as to be undefinable and empty, and obvious to everyone who uses it. Heidegger takes up and responds to each of these claims. First, the claim that “Being” is the most universal concept and thus the clearest is, according to Heidegger...
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