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A famous scientist has invited you, Locke, Reid, Hume and Parfit to try a teletransportation device. This device will read the contents of your body and briain precisely. Then it will transmit the information to another location where your brain and body will be rebuilt exactly. At the very same time your body and brain are being rebuilt, your original body and brain will be destroyed.

Which, if any, of these thinkers will try out this machine? That is, will they think this machine transports them or will they think that it kills them? Explain your answer for each thinker. Also explain whether or not you will try out this device.

(By the way, you can treat Hume and Parfit as the same thinker-- since we have been treating their position as the same in class)

**We are using Hume and Parfit as bundle theorist and Locke and Reid as ego theorist

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One of the most iconic ideas popularized by Star Trek is the possibility of stepping onto a platform, saying “Energize!”, being enveloped in a bright, shimmering stream of CGI, and being instantly transported across great distance, down to a planet or another ship. And, for transportation in the other direction, to the USS Enterprise, there are few pieces of popular culture more iconic than Kirk’s, “Beam me up, Scotty!” The transporter—or teletransporter, to be specific—is so compelling for obvious reasons: imagine instantaneous travel, without security or long lines or delays at airports, without the hassle of traffic or bad drivers. Imagine the time saved if LA and New York were separated by six seconds instead of six hours, or if the morning commute were instantaneous instead of interminable.
Unfortunately, the teletransporter may have a small problem, something which could make it—to indulge in infinite understatement—unsafe to use. To understand this flaw, consider for a moment how a someday-real teletransporter...
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