Write a computer science ethics paper, in 1000-1500 words; incorporate at least 3 quality research references, and cite all references in ACM format.

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The question of how the, arguably, most important technological innovation of the last fifty years has changed our behavior is an immense one. Of particular interest, however, is how our behavior has been modified in personal and moral terms by the internet, such as in our emotional well-being and in terms of our inclinations toward less than ideally ethical choices and deeds. The topic is yet vast, so, in the discussion that follows, I take up two sorts of cases. The first is the category of case where the internet has facilitated illegal activity on both the commercial and customer sides, with no case more an exemplar than that of Silk Road. The other category is that of the internet’s role in facilitating the deliberate manipulation of emotional well-being and thus behavior – few recent cases have garnered as ...
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