Read The Wager by B. Pascal, Will to Believe by W. James and Rational Religious Beliefs of M. Bergmann within the Encountering the Real text and the describe the “Practical” and “Rational” aspects of religious belief as well as that of God. Write 2-4 pages on this topic.

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Practical and rational Nature of God and Religion:
The three scholars, Pascal, James, and Bergmann seek to examine the rationality and applicability of religious faith from various perspectives. Although their tenets major widely in various aspects, there are some arguments that they agree to be true or applicable to our daily living. Following the dynamism of the religion, Pascal, James, and Bergmann do not base their discussion on a specific religion but rather the application of religion as a general concept despite the personal predisposition of the actors. They use different aspects, approaches, and ideologies to explain the Rational and Practical elements of faith.
The core aspect of the study and prejudiced opinions presented by the authors circulates...

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