In under 1500 words, drawing on various aspects of metaphysics and epistemology, construct an argument motivated by pragmatism.

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In the broadest of terms, I think my set of core beliefs could be characterized as located on the naturalism-realism-pragmatism spectrum. In philosophical terms, this is largely due to particular and related ontological and epistemological commitments: Reality is a natural place, not a supernatural one, and there is nothing beyond our natural reality; that is, ‘this’ is all there is. And, accordingly, observation, experience, science, and reason are the only ways by which to know our natural reality. But why have these ontological and epistemological commitments as the bedrock of one’s core beliefs? Why not some other (usually implicit) commitments, such as that there is more to reality than the natural, and that there are extra-natural ways in which to ‘know’?
I think there are limits to how far back and down we can go in understanding why and what we believe the way we do, limits almost entirely divorced from truth and justification...

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