Argument for the Justification and Equality of Homosexual Phenomenology (1300 words)

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Evaluate the following argument:
- Corvino's view regarding the naturalness of homosexuality. 

Focus on the metaphysically relevant aspects of the argument you choose.
You'll need to:
1. Clearly identify the author's thesis
2. Analyze the argument
3. Explain how the premises lead to the conclusion
4. Use your own examples in explaining the premises.
5. For the critique, you'll need to consider objections relevant to the author's argument.
6. You'll also need to offer a defense against these objections. Consider what might the author say if confronted with these objections.  

Remember to always cite your sources.
Do not use outside sources. Also, be sure to follow proper formatting including double spaced. 12 point font, Times New Roman, and justified alignment. This essay should be 1,000 words

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There are two ways in which John Corvino’s thesis in ““Born This Way”” may be interpreted. The first, perhaps more charitable, interpretation is that, ultimately, Corvino builds a case for the primacy of the phenomenological over the etiological as a foundation for the justification of gay rights; Corvino argues that there are severe logical flaws in the various etiological-driven lines of thought used by gay-rights advocates, whereas the basic phenomenological evidence and testimony that one’s homosexual feelings are “deep, important, and for most people relatively fixed” (p. 118) depends on no further justification – which is precisely the same as that can be said of such testimonial evidence from heterosexuals. However, the possibly less-charitable reading of Corvino’s argument is that its ‘thesis’ is an extended overreaction to the slogan, “born this way”. In either case, Corvino’s argument is sprawling...

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