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How would you define free will? Do human beings have a free will and to what extent? Be sure to consider some of the views posed about free will from at least two of the following authors: Sartre, Wolf, Frankfurt, Strawson in determining whether or not we have a free will and in considering possible objections to your view. Do not use any outside sources, and include in text citations.

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In this brief discussion, I present my view of free will; along the way, this presentation is informed by examination of some of the view’s finer points by way of elements of Harry Frankfurt’s and Susan Wolf’s arguments on free will, personhood, and moral responsibility. Perhaps the most important plank of my own view is that the notion of ‘free will’ or ‘freedom of the will’ is itself too broad and too imprecise - characteristics which lend themselves to forcing unequivocal evaluations of whether the notion corresponds to some simple...

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