Write a concise essay that communicates the results of your independent investigation into a specific topic in Greek Philosophy. Your paper should:
•State and defend a strong, clearthesis.
•Discuss at least one, and preferably several, primary (ancient) sources.
•You are also encouraged to engage with the secondary (modern) sources posted on the “online readings” area of the course webpage and in Cooper.
•Either select from one of the topics suggested below; or formulate an alternative topic and confirm the instructor’s approval by email, during office hours, or by separate appointment.

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Across generations, humanity has been redefining the meaning and the purpose of living. Answering what the meaning of life entails has never been an easy undertaking since there are different motivations and objectives in every individual. When human beings live lives that are monotonous, living becomes meaningless and without purpose. When the existence of an individual attains some purpose and a goal, it starts to have some meaning. The question, however, is how do we define that life is worth living or not? Socrates in his final remarks after the jury condemned him intimated that “an unexamined life is not worth living.” The essay will attempt to argue that in order for humans to make life worth living, they must exanimate themselves and seek happiness and meaning in life.
Socrates in saying that unexamined life is not worth living is referring to life in a philosophical context inferring that human beings must think about their purpose in life. Philosophy according to Socrates was defined in systematic terms and primarily from an ethical perspective. Socrates was different from the philosophers of his time who approached philosophy from a broader and grander thought concerning the universe and raising issues that dwelt of science-based theories. He tried to be realistic in his observations as possible and not to obfuscate his views in scientific language (Schmitt, 2004). The unexamined life that he says is not living, therefore, could not have been the state of wealth in the society. Such is because deprived persons in the community would probably live unfulfilled life...

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