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Q U ESTION 1 The term "philosophy" literally means? O A Discipline and punishment O B. Critique and argumentation O C. The art of thinking O D. The love of wisdom Q U ESTION 2 • uestion such as "What is justtce?" falls under the heading o O A Epistemology O B. Logic O C. Metap hysics O D. Value theory Q U ESTION 3 ? What made Ancie nt Pre-Socr atic philosophe rs different from other thinkers and writers that carne befa re them? O A Their views carne from divine revelation and inspirat ion from the muses. O B. They cited Homer and Hesiod instead of the Bible O C. Their views carne mosty from Socrates O D. They pul forth a non-"mythic-rel igious• wor ldview QUE S TION 4 In the Western philosophical trad ition, the first group of recognized philosophers is an assortrnent of thinkers who lived on the western coa st of Anatolia. Collectively they are known as? O A The Frankfu rt School O B. The Austrian Schoo l O C. The Milesian School O D. The Helle nistic School QUE S TION 5 In the Pre-Socratic debate that arase about the nature of ultirnate reality which two philosophers carne to syrnbolize the two oppos ing pos itions? O A Thales and Anaxi rnande r O B. Plato and Aristotle D C. Heraclitus and Parmenides O D. Anaxirnenes and Socrates QUE S TION 6 Heraclitus carne to argue that ultimate reality was? O A Based on the elernen t ethe r. O B. Based on a never changing reality. O C. Based on constan! change. O D. Based on the elernent wate r. QUE S TION 7 Parmeni des argued that ultima te reality was? O A. Based on the element ether. O B. Based on a never changing reality . O C. Based on the element wate r. O D. Based on con.stant change. QUE S TION 8 Each in their own way, Plato and Aristotle tried to? O A. Show that Thales and Socrates are wrong, everything is a dream and nothing is real. O B. Reconcile the tension b€tween Thales and Socrates O C. Show that Heraclitus and Parmen ides are wrong, there is no truth. O D. Reconc ile the tension between Heraclitus and Parmenides . QU E S T ION 9 The following school of philosophy viewed the universe as being ruled by chance, with no interfe rence from the Gods. lt also regarded the absence of pain as !he main goal of life. lt therefore argued that people shou ld try to live as pleasurab le a life as possible. D A. Epicureanism D B. Skepticism O C. Stoicism O D. Milesian QU E S T ION 1 O The following school of philosophy taught that events in the universe were already pre-determined and what we needed was to overcome our emotions by living in accordance with (not in contras! or in resistance to) nature . This could be accomp lished through self -control and fortitude in the face of adversity. D A. Epicureanism O B. Milesian O C. Stoicism O D. Skepticism Q UE STI ON 1 Why does Galeano call Latín America a region of "open veins"? O A. Everything from the discovery until now has always been transmuted and accumulated in distant centers of power. O B. lt is slowly killing itse lf due to bad protecti onist policies . O C. lts industria l "heart" keeps pumping out jobs, but its "veins" keep "bleed ing• out wor kers to places like the United States. O º· 1t is slowly killing itself dueto its hyper capitalist economy. Q UE S TI ON 2 Galeano agrees with Robert McNamara's assessment abo ut Latin America's popula tion growth and its impact on Latín Amer ican progress? O True O False Q UE S TI ON 3 1492 was not only the year that Amer ica was "discovered" but also the year that: O A Spain re-conquered Granada and expelled 150,000 Jews. O B. Zipango became known as Japan in the West. O C. Marco Polo came back from the East. O D. Portuguese navigators found strange corpses and curiously carved pieces of wood. QUE S TION 4 Who is personally credited with conquering which part of Latin America? 1- v IHemán Cortez A. Haití (Espanola) 1- v IFrancisco Pizarro 1- v I Pedro de Alvarado 1- v lchristophe r Columbus QUESTION 5 B. Guatemala C. Tenochtitlan, Mexico D. Cuzco, Peru Most of the silver from the Amer icas that was registered in Seville ended up where? O A In the hands of pirates. O B. In the hands of powerful bankers and other creditors of Spain. O C. In the hands of the poor. O º· In the "Green Strongroom• of the New York Stock Exchange . QUE S TION 6 What is a mitayo? O A Any freed African slave. O R An lndi¡¡11 who pay:; t, ibule tluough ro,ced lal.>01. O C. Anyone of African ancestry living in the Americas. O D. A descendent of Inca empero rs QUE S TION 7 Befare the conques!, Native Americans in the Americas totaled no less !han million, but after the ~------- ~ conquest they had been reduced to ~-------~ million. QUE S TION 8 In 1781, what mestizo chief and descendant of Inca emperors laid siege to Cuzco? O A Tupac Amaru O B. Antonio de Mendoza O C. Huayna Capaj O D. Montezuma QUE S TION 9 In what region (at least in its prime) was the largest amount of gold discovered and extracted in the shortest amount of space and time? O A. Minas Gerais O B. Altiplano 0 e.Po tosí O D. Tenochtitlan QUE S TION 1 O How many African slaves is it estimated were brought to Brazil from the time of conques! until the abolition of slavery? O 10 million O 5 million O 1 million O 100 thousand QUE S TION 11 What did the phrase ·coins of the lndies· refer to? 0 A.Gold O 8· lndians O C. Sílver O º ·Slaves

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