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QUESTION 1 "Limpieza de sangre" literally means? O A. Leaving Spain" O B. Whitening O C. Miscegenat ion O D. Purity of blood QU E ST ION 2 Why did King Ferdinand and Queen lsabella launch the Spanish lnquis ition? O A To take back the Holy land from the Muslims. O B. To take back the Holy land from the Jews. O C. To ensure the faithfulness of !hose who immigrated to the Ameeicas . O º· To ensure the faithfu lness of !hose who converted to Christian ity. QU ES T ION 3 The foll owing was a complex hierarchical system of racial classi fications used in the Spanish and Portuguese colonies. O The Casta O The Reconquista O The Inqu_isition O The Blanqueamiento QUEST ION 4 Match the follow ing racial category with its definition . E3 Peninsulars L3 creoles E3 Mestizos E3 Mulattoes QUESTION 5 "Blanqueamiento" literally means? O A Whitening O B. Miscegenat ion O C. Leaving Spain" 0 D. Purity of blood QUESTION 6 A. Those born of pure Spanish or Portuguese parents and also born in either Spain or Portugal. B. Those born of pure Spanish or Portuguese parents, but born in the Americas. C. Those born of one pure Spanish or Portuguese paren! and one pure Native American paren!. D. Those born of one pure Spanish or Portuguese paren! and one pure African parenl During the Nation -Building period , as the Blanqueamiento movement was in full force , race carne to be linked more with a person "s? O A. Place of birth O B. Religion and language O C. Phenotypes and socia l stand ing O D. Ancestly QU E STION 7 By the turn of the 20th century , the term Mestizo came to denote? O A More of an ancestral category. O B. More of a religious category . O C. More of a socioeconomic category. O D. More of a phenotyp ic category . QU E STION 8 "Mestizaje" literally means? O A Whitening O B. Miscegenat ion O C. Purity of blood O D. Leaving Spain" QUESTION 9 One of the problems with the Mestizaje movement of the early 20th century was that? O A lt over looked or ignored the influence of Spanish cullure and peo ple on Latin America. O B. lt over looked or ignored the influence of African culture and peop le on Latin America. O C. lt over looked or ignored the influence of Anglo culture and peop le on Latin America . O 0-11 over looked or ignored the influence of Native American culture and people on Latin Ame rica. QU E STION 10 José Martí began a very influen tial newspaper called? 0 A. El Cubano O B. Emigre O C. Patria O D. Havana Q U E ST ION 1 According to José Marti "Barricades of .__ are worth more !han barricades of ______ __, .__ ______ __, QU E ST ION 2 José Marti is very upse t with Criollos who cons ider themselves more Europea n than Amer ica n. He insults them by sayin g all of the following except? O AThey should go to Tor toni's for a sherbet. O B. They are like silver in the ve ins of the Andes . O C. They have puny arms with bracelets and painted nails. O D. They abandon their mother on her sick bed. Ü E. Th@y should go to th@ Prndo und@r lamplight. QU E ST ION 3 José Marti believes tha t "Good government is nothing more !han !he balance of !he country 's natural eleme nts." O True O False QU E ST ION 4 José Marti bel ieves that "Natural men have conquere d learned and artifici al men ." O True O False QUES T ION 5 According to José Marti, the prize in literal!)' contests should go to? O A. The best study of the conquest and abuse of the India ns . O B. The best lampooning of Yankee hats and French spectacles . O C. The bes! study of the political factors of one's country . O D. The bes! ode to one's country. QUES T ION 6 Accord ing to José Marti, the problem of independence required a O A. Change of history . O B. Change of spirit. O C. Change of heros. O D. A new trunk for our repub lic QUES T ION 7 According to José Marti, what is the pass\Yord of this generation? O A. Heart Ü B. Liberty 0 C. Love O D. Crea te QUEST ION 8 According to José Marti, what is "Our America's" greatest dange r? O A. Scorn from our formidable neighbor . O B. lndians governing our republics. O e .Too much freedom . O D. A lack of racial antagonisms . QUESTION 9 According to José Marti, sorne people have tried to argue that slavery is not necessarily a badge of infer iority, since which group of whites were al one point sold in the Roman marketplace? O A Phoenicians O 8· Gauls O C. Nordics O º ·Jews

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