What is Freud's view of religion?
Freud's psychoanalytic treatment of religion is, or appear to be, very powerful in accounting for the dominance of this form of behavior in human affairs.
However, Freud's principles of explanation when dealing with religion (or, indeed, any subject) have been accused of being reductionist.
Briefly (short paragraph) explain the import of this accusation.
Then, attempt to "save the phenomena" by developing an account of either religion or God (but not both) which can stand by itself theoretically against the critical pressures of the Freudian approach.
[Note: this question encompasses both a critique of Freud's procedures as well as a substantive contribution concerning the topics under scrutiny.]

What is Sartre's atheism?
Sartre's atheism emphasizes that it is liberating and indeed optimistic to anyone who embraces this approach.
Consider one aspect of human life which would be profitably interpreted and acted upon based on assuming that Sartre is correct and that God does not exist.
The key concept here is, of course, "profitably".
Your discussion should take into account how "profit" should be understood from the standpoint of the agent (i.e., the atheist) as well as how the atheist's actions would or might affect other resident in the atheist's environment.

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Is Belief the Same as Existence? Saving God from Freud’s Psychological Criticism of Religious Belief And The Benefit of Sartre’s Atheistic Existentialism is Awareness of our Shared Human Limitation
1. Freud
Freud has been accused of reducing all human endeavor to an historical Oedipal drama of murder and incest which he thought had become suppressed and reemerged in the form of neurotic mental processes and irrational behavior. In the selections from Totem and Taboo, Future of an Illusion, and Civilization and its Discontents Freud tells a story of the psychological origins of God created from an infantile wish fulfillment to murder our father and have sex with our mother. At some point in our early human history, according to Freud, we got our wish and we now feel terrible about it. The result has been a compensatory totemic substitute for our violent act in the form of illusion, i.e., God, and the complex religious system that arose to make amends for that primal act....

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