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This Critical Thinking assignment is designed to provide you experience analyzing articles for inductive and deductive reasoning. The topic is on climate change and global warming.

Write an essay that demonstrates your critical analysis of any article within the last two years from your college Global library about Global Warming and Climate Change. The essay should demonstrate your ability to analyze the information presented in the article.

You will conclude your essay with an overall critique of the writing, logic, credibility and any other observations of the editorial. Please state your position on climate change, and whether the document persuaded you in any way.

In addition, the essay must include a discussion of your evaluation of the editorial for the following information:

· Identify any rhetorical devices and their use

· Determine whether it is rhetoric versus argument

· Determine the validity

· Analyze the logical development of the claim (if this is the case)

· Identify specific examples using inductive and deductive reasoning

· Identify any syllogisms (at least one)

One major pitfall is the assumption that a belief or an opinion may result from critical thinking. In fact, critical reasoning thinking results in an objective analysis of a topic or claim and is based on fact or truth. This module on deductive and inductive reasoning and logic is designed to facilitate your understanding of these pitfalls.

Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length, well written, and formatted according to APA Style.

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In the article given deductive reasoning is the key rhetorical device. Here, the author points out a broad subject, referring global warming and climate change. Further, in the article, he explains the topical global warming and climate change issue by working out its characteristics due to interplay between knowledge, perceived efficacy and concern on the subject stated. Moreover, the most common rhetorical devices used in the article are enumeration, appositive, antithesis, amplification and parallelism. Each of these rhetorical devices is used to convey the reader to considerate the claims shown in the article. By appropriate implementation of these language techniques, the author tends to persuade the audience to...

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