Some writers have suggested that humans have a psychological need to believe their body can survive its eventual decay and death. This causes extreme resistance to the truth of materialism. This position is called Scientism.

You will need to carefully review the moral theories and watch a video on the following moral theory:
1. Utilitarianism (also called consequentialism)

You are to select the above moral theory that best underwrites (or should be the basis for) moral actions. This final term paper must be 3 - 4 pages, double spacedl normal font. In writing this final paper incorporate the elements of a philosophy position paper that you employed in Quiz 2 and in the mid-term essay question.

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Utilitarianism’s moral standard appears to be exceedingly demanding. According to utilitarianism, the moral action given a set of circumstances is the one, chosen from alternatives, which maximizes the amount of happiness or utility for the greatest number of beings. So, the action which results in the most utility on the whole, such as for a group or society, is the one utilitarianism mandates be taken. This is so even if alternative actions would have resulted in greater happiness for oneself or one’s family, and even if the action mandated results in greater unhappiness for oneself or one’s family. In response, a question presents itself: What makes utilitarianism’s standard of morality binding? In other words, why should or must anyone choose to maximize utility or happiness, i.e. the greater good, particularly when doing so will result in disutility or unhappiness for oneself or one’s near and dear? In this essay, I argue that rule utilitarianism, as opposed to act utilitarianism, provides an answer to these objections, but only a partial one; in fact, I argue, rule utilitarianism’s response...

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