What is the philosophy of religion?
What is Nietzsche's atheism?
What are examples of Nietzsche's writing on philosophy of religion?

Source: Palmer, Donald. Does the Center Hold?: An Introduction to Western Philosophy. Dubuque, Iowa : McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 2014. Print.

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Protokoll: The Atheism of Friedrich Nietzsche

As Palmer explains in the beginning of Chapter 5 in Does the Center Hold?: An Introduction to Western Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion is an area of philosophy that deals with questions about the existence of God and the nature of religious practices and behaviors. Philosophers are interested in the topic of God because it remains an unanswered question. Philosophers also like to think about the relationship between having faith in something and reason. Just because I believe in something does not necessarily mean it is true. If I believe in something, then I also have to come up with good reasons to defend my belief. Questions about the existence of God can get us to think about our own reasons and justifications for religious belief....

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