Which provides us with a better understanding of the world: Plato’s late ontology (as outlined in the Sophist, Philebus, and Timaeus) or Aristotle’s Metaphysics?

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In this question crucial word and the most problematic one is the term „better“. What is „to be“ „better“ who is „better“ than „whom“, who is „the best“ if is not a word about something measurable? Especially if it is the speech about philosophy, and more especially if it is a word(s) about „teachers of humankind“ (Hegel). But I will try to reinterpret and explain everything I have learned about these two philosophers during this semester and to make my own argument about the question of „betterness“ (understanding of the world).
There is a very wide field of the question asked, but I will choose to speak from several reliable perspectives. In the introduction itself, I want to emphasize that many authors think that Plato's dialogue is Parmenides, which is an exercise in barrenness, the birthplace of what Aristotle calls the First Philosophy (prote philosophia).

From all the determinations that Plato gave for his concept of matter which I found in Timaeus, it also became clear that with Plato, everything the material directly receives its determinations. Precisely for this reason, in Plato, the concept of Aristotle's protégé (prote hyle) is conceivable only hypothetically because the concept of matter in Plato cannot be an independent concept, since it receives its definitions only from the Other, which for Aristotle is a form (the one that is other of matter) is one of the ultimate ranges which in these philosophers places an opinion in relation to being.
So my final conclusion will be I like Aristotle but (Plato’s) truth is likely even more for me! 😉 No one is better! 😉...

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