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1 Exercise 4.2 2 Exercise 4.4 The V magnitude of a star is 15.1, The absolute magnitude of a star in the B - V = 1.6, and absolute magnitude Mv = 1.3. The Andromeda galaxy (distance 690kpc) is M = 5. It ex- extinction in the direction of the star in the visual band plodes as a supernova, becoming one billion (109) times is av = 1 mag kpc-¹. What is the intrinsic colour of the brighter. What is its apparent magnitude? star? 3 Solar cells on earth are ~ 20% efficient, so if the flux at the earth is 1200W/m², then you would expect to get at most 600 W of power from a 0.5 m² solar panel (the exact amount varies with latitude and the time of day). What's the maximum power I would expect to get from that same solar panel on the surface of Mars? What about on Saturn? Hint: Appendir C of your book has the missing numbers. 4 Computer assignment: Your book gives a simple conversion between zenith angle, 2, and airmass X X=secz, but this expression is only valid for low airmasses (z < 60° or so). An more accurate formula is something like X = sec 2 - 0.0018167(sec 2 - 1) - 0.002875(sec 2 - 1) - 0.0008083(sec 2 - 1) which is usable up to about 2 = 85° [Hardie, "Astronomical Techniques," 1962]. A) Print a table of the difference between the magnitude I would measure from the ground and the actual magnitude as a function of the telescope's altitude when using the Sloan T filter. The measured atmospheric extinction of the Sloan T filter is kr = 0.55 mag/airmass. Use the improved airmass formula above to generate your data table. B) If, for a given star, I measure a magnitude mr = 9.31 mag and the airmass at the time of the observation was X = 1.75, then according to your table, what was the actual magnitude of the star?

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