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1 Neutral objects A and became charged after rubbing against each other. The charge on A is +8.OnC. (a) What the charge on B? (b) If electrons are transferred how many have been transferred? (c) From which objects are the electrons transferred? 2. For the nuclide, Mn whati: (a) the number of protons? (b) the number of neutrons? (c) the mass ingrams? 3. all electrons ina 150gram sample of manganese consisting of the isotope 25MM are removed, what the total charge inthe sample? 4 What the number of electrons in each of the following ions (a) 1-Al" (b)12Mn" (c) 17CI ? 5 Identical metal spheres and B carry charges +6C and -10 respectively They are brought into contact with eachother and then separated. What are the charges they now have? 6. Identicalmetal spheres Band Chave charges +6 C, 10 00 and respectively. and B are brought into contact and then separated Afterwards Banc Carebrought into contact and separated What are now the charges on each? Find the total charge before and after. 7. The diagrams below how two vectors and B, whose magnitudes are and units respectively Dr raw the vector A+B and find its magnitude in each of the three cases: A B B B A A 8. Find the and components of the vector below, whose magnitude is 5.0 y 9 The diagram shows two positive point charges and B whose coordinates are(0 2) and (3,0) respectively where distances are in meters. A pushes E away with force of 8.ON Find the (andy component this force. b^ n x S.ON 10. Giver vectors  Si 27 B| and the angle between A in andi 11 Particle A has charge of -4.0 uc. Particle Bis 12.0cm to the West of and has a charge of +5.0 pC Find the magnitude and direction of the electric force onA due B. 12. Two small objects of equal mass 3.0 a re placed certain distance apart How many electrons must be transferred from one tothe other sothat the electric force between them is equalto the gravitational force bet tween them? 13 The diagram show three charges A B and C Find the electric force on each due to the other two So 5ac 2pC -3u0 14 point charge 25qii44.0 m away from another charge 9g Where should third charge be placed so that the net electric force onit is zero? 15. On the x-y plane, charge Aat(+1,-1)is OpC and charge Bat (-2.3) The coordinates arein meters. Find the and ycomponents of the force on dueto B. 16. On the x-y plane charge A t charge -24 C and charge Cat (0,1)is 3 uc. The coordinates arein meter. Find the magnitude of the electric force on Cdueto and B. 17. Two small spheres of mass are suspended from common point by threads of length When each sphere has charge Each thread makes an angle with the vertical. Show that the following relation holds: kq² tan sin² 4mgL²

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