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In a 3 page essay use an example from the history of science that demonstrates for students the changing nature of scientific theories.
The essay should include the following:
-Discuss what a theory is and the factors which can lead to changes within the theory.
-Discuss the fact that theories can never be proved, only disproved.
-Identify the theory you will discuss.

2.Theory Discussion:
-Include information about the person behind each new idea.
-Forces behind the change such as the development of new technology.
-How the theory remained the same and how it was modified.
-Any experiments or tests that supported or disproved new ideas with respect to the theory.
-Discuss how all of these are related.

-Briefly summarize the main idea of the theory and give a brief description of how it has changed over time
-Restate what a theory is and connect changes in the theory to the fact that theories can never be proved, only disproved.

NOTE: Use APA formatted in-text citations with a reference list that corresponds for paraphrasing or direct quoting. Only 10% of the paper can be quoted or paraphrased.

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The science world deals with theories, which is in contrast to most other subjects of study. Consider a course in United States history where you wish to learn who the first ten Presidents were. There is only one correct answer, and that answer will not change regardless of any future events or observations. In science, however, theories must be created that describe observation results. This is especially true for physics, as will be discussed thoroughly in this paper.
A theory is not carved in stone. In other words, as more and better observations are acquired it may become evident that the current theory being tested is either incomplete or possibly even downright incorrect. This would happen if a verified, repeatable observation fails to be explained by the current theory. When this happens, the current theory must either be supplemented or discarded. In this manner, it is never possible to prove with certainty that a theory is complete and accurate. However, it only takes a single observation to cause a theory to be abandoned....

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