1. A crate is at rest on the floor, and not in contact with any other objects. Describe all the forces acting on the crate by identifying in each case the type of force, the direction of the force, and the external object exerting it on the crate. Don't list any of the forces the crate exerts on other objects.
2. An elevator is rising at a constant speed, subject only to the tension (FT) and gravitational (FG) forces exerted on it by the cable above it and the Earth, respectively. Use either Newton's First Law (N1L) or Newton's Second Law (N2L) of motion to explain why these two forces must have equal magnitudes (FT = FG).
3. The elevator in the previous question begins to slow down as it approaches the 8th floor. Use N2L (Newton's Second Law) to explain why, while elevator is slowing down, the gravitational force must have larger magnitude than the tension (FG > FT).

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1) If the crate is at rest, then there are two vertical forces acting on the crate. Gravity is pulling the crate downward, and the normal force is pushing the crate upward.

Gravity is an attractive force between any two objects with mass. In this case, the force is generated by the mass of the Earth....
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