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Paper: A 4-page single-spaced paper on a topic covered in the last ten years of the "Physics Today" is required. This paper should introduce the topic and refer to and cite at least three published journal articles (not blogs or magazines).

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The Global Positioning System allows for the precise location of a desired object on the surface of the Earth. With the increasing computational ability of handheld devices, the uses for GPS are improving and expanding on what seems to be a daily basis. A fairly obvious use for this technology would be directions from one point to another along designated routes (roadways).
Entrepreneurs are continually expanding on this use for more and more things. Today there are clothing manufacturers that embed GPS chips into children’s clothing, GPS chips that you can have permanently attached to your favorite pet, even within shoes so that the path you walk can be recorded. Another interesting use is putting GPS chips in golf carts as well as on the flag for each hole. This way the golfer can drive the cart to his ball and instantly know the exact distance to the pin.
Assuming the satellites are already in place, it seems like GPS should be a fairly straightforward system: send a signal out from the object you want to locate and triangulate its position from multiple receivers....

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