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Essay Report Question: To what extent do solar panels help generate electricity and how can the technology be utilised to optimise production of energy?   

2000 words
PROPER CITATION (Harvard Referencing, Footer notes)

Introduction 150 words

What are solar panels 200 words

Advantages and disadvantages 200 words each

Diagrams, pictures of to what extent solar panels help generate electricity 250 words

Current methods of optimisation 300 words

Recommendations, Future Development, Future Technology 400 words

Conclusion 150-200 words

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To what extent do solar panels help generate electricity and how can the technology be utilized to optimize production of energy?

Solar panels are one of the many alternative (renewable) energy generators. Renewable sources of energy are the sources that do not utilize natural resources, or use resources massive enough (like the Sun) to be considered as almost infinite.

As National Renewable Energy Laboratory reports, most of the renewable energy comes directly or indirectly from the Sun and can be used for generating electricity, heating homes etc (“Learning about renewable energy,” 2016).

Here I am going to concentrate on the electricity generation using solar panels since electricity is a primary energy that is used by people.

Widely known, that utilization of natural resources is a primary source of the energy. As International Energy Agency states, only 22% of all the energy on Earth is accounted for the renewable sources ("Renewable energy", 2013), even including a major leap forward in 2013 when compared to the 13% in 2012.

There is no reason to explain why should energy industry switch to the renewable sources of energy, but what are the limitations of its use in the modern society?
Present day utilization of renewable sources in Australia is slightly lower than the world average, being around 10% with a plan to double this amount by the year of 2020 reaching the level of 23.5% of total Australian energy production.

This is going to be reached by the utilization of small scale energy systems like solar water heaters, heat pumps, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, small-scale wind systems, or small-scale hydro systems. (The renewable energy target scheme)

According to National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Photovoltaic panels produce energy by the application of the so called Photovoltaic effect (Solar Photovoltaic technology basics, 2015).
PV effect happens when certain materials (for example, silicon) create electric charge by converting photons to electricity.

Photovoltaic is the process by when two dissimilar materials in close contact produce an electrical voltage when struck by light ’. The cause of the electrical current producing electricity is through the involvement of light rays, or photons. Silicon possesses properties of metals which can conduct electricity and...

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