Kinematics (horizontal motion)

Use the simulator at Motion with Constant Acceleration to explore the relationship between position, velocity, acceleration, and time. Select 5 start positions, velocities, and accelerations. (Change the simulator values 5 times) Run the simulator so that it creates the graphs each time you change the numbers in the simulator.
Print all 5 of the simulator pages showing the graphs. To print a page hit the SHIFT KEY and the PRINT SCREEN KEY on your keyboard simultaneously. Next open a blank WORD document. Then, choose the PASTE option under the EDIT menu. Finally, PRINT the word document.
Describe what happens to the position, velocity, and acceleration for each of the simulation runs. Describe each of the graphs that are created each time you run the simulator (I.E. is the graph a straight line or a u-shaped curve).What patterns can you determine from the graphs?

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The position-time graph(x v/s t) begins at the initial position,x=5m.It goes on increasing since as time increases, position of the car keeps on increasing from x=5m to x=50m and so on. The graph is not a straight line since variation in position is not linear with variation in time.
The velocity-time graph (v v/s t) begins at the initial velocity 10m/s and increases linearly with time.The slope at any point on the line will give acceleration=2m/s2. Acceeleration remains constant throughout the motion of the car. Hence, acceleration-time...

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